International Literature Festival Ruse 2016

The Literature Festival Ruse is unique for the city and the region not only because of its strong international character expanding with every year but also thanks to its rich variety of events. In its ninth edition the Festival will present artists and art works from Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Spain, Czech Republic and of course Bulgaria. The Festival is focused on the carefully selected literature – all of our guests are laureates of prestigious competitions. This year we will have the honour among others to greet the winner of the European Union Prize for Literature in 2015 - Carolina Schutti.

The Literature Festival Ruse, however, is famous for trying to incorporate not only literature but a variety of art forms. This year the programme includes screenings, concert for children’s music and three exhibitions, among which stands out the opportunity to get acquainted with one of the central figures for Dadaism – Tristan Tzara. This will be made possible through the graphical works by Henry Matisse, André Masson and Hans Arpthat we will show. Staying true to its mission to broaden the knowledge about Elias Canetti, the Festival will present the second edition of its “Notes” that include its most intimate thoughts. The little ones will enjoy an unusual concert in groovy rhythm and an exhibition with book covers and illustrations for children’s books. 

We truly hope that you will share with us the Festival and will take advantage of the chance to meet in person most of the participating artists. We extend a warm thank you to all of our partners, with whose help we are able to realize again the Literature Festival Ruse on this large scale.



8th October


Canetti House

Exhibition of Covers and Children's Illustrations from Spain and Portugal

Together with Cervantes Institute in Sofia we will display an exhibition of book covers and children's illustrations from Spain and Portugal. It will include a book covers'selection of “Estrada Design” (Spain), which represents the new thinking and advertising approach. They have travelled the world and have already been shown at the Design and Fashion Museum (Lisbon), Art Basel (Miami), Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao). Children's illustrations made by Catarina Sobral (Portugal) and Isidro Ferrer (Spain) are also part of the exhibition. With their help the visitors will return back in time, to their childhood, to the plays and fairy tales.



Canetti House

Reading with TsvetankaElenkova - Magnification Forty

Moderator: Mira Dushkova 

Tsvetanka Elenkova was born in 1968. She has published five poetry collections and two books of essays, Time and Relation and Bulgarian Frescos: Feast of the Root. Her poetry has been translated into thirteen languages. Two poetry collections have appeared in English, The Seventh Gesture and Crookedness. Among others her work has appeared in the magazines Absinthe, MPT, Orient Express, Poetry Review and The Massachusetts Review. She has edited the anthology At the End of the World: Contemporary Poetry from Bulgaria. Her translation of Speaking of Siva has been nominated for the Hristo G. Danov National Award. In Ruse she will present her most recent poetry collection “Magnification Forty” (2016). The collection’s editor Yana Bukova describes it this way: “This is a research and an investigation into the depth of things. The photo magnification penetrates the epidermal layer of reality and discovers hidden medium, sailing meanings, associated levels of knowledge.”



Canetti House

Harkaitz Cano - Literature from the Basque Country

Moderator: Svetlana Kirova

Harkaitz Cano (Lasarte, 1975) holds a degree in law from the University of the Basque Country. He usually works as radio, television and comic scriptwriter, and has translated into Basque works by Hanif Kureishi, Paul Auster and Allen Ginsberg. Cano has taken part in a number of performances combining literature with music and other arts. He has published books of poetry, collections of short stories, and five novels, among which Twist (2011; Spanish Critics Prize, Euskadi Prize). The recently-published Bulgarian translation of the latter novel is going to be presented during his reading in Ruse. His books have been published into nine languages, including English, German and Russian.




9th October


Canetti House

Reading with Irina Nechit - Bulgarian-Romanian Lyrics Changing over Time

Moderator: Mira Dushkova 

The Bulgarian-Romanian-Moldovian writer Irina Nechit was born in 1962 in Antonești, Moldova. She holds a degree in Mass Communication and pursued a career as a freelance journalist after finishing her studies. She is a regular contributor of the literary magazines Literature and Art and Her recent projects are based on her intense field research about ordinary people, who changed the course of Eastern European history. As a result of that she has published the essay volumes "Feminine Democracy" and "Women as a factor of stability in areas of conflict". In Ruse, she will present a selection of her recent poetry works.




Groovy Music for Literary Youngsters – Muckemacher

This yearthe musical program for the youngest generation of our audience, children from 4 to 104, will be presented by Muckemacher. The two Berlin-based musicians Verena Roth and Florian Erlbeck have created and established their own music for children including styles like Rocksteady and Latin American Music combined with Funk, Afrobeat, Dub, Rap and Beat Box. Muckemacher is their most recent band project founded in 2013 with the aim of performing and recording entertaining alternative music for children with catchy and authentic lyrics. So far they have two album - "Diggidiggi Bambam" (2014) and "Kurukuku" (2016). The performing couple will not only provide a unique entertainment experience for old and young but also teach the audience in a funny way at least a few German words - maybe your first ones.

The group will also perform in Veliko Tarnovo on the 8th of October. The place is club “TAM”.



Canetti House

Exposition opening – “Poles and Germans. Stories of a Dialogue.”

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Treaty of Good Neighborhood and Friendly Cooperation between Poland and Germany, which was signed on 17 June 1991. To mark the occasion the Polish Institute in Sofia organised the poster exhibition with the title “Poles and Germans. Stories of a Dialogue.” The exhibition shows the development of relations between Germany and Poland from the Second World War onwards. From their hostile relations until the turning point of reconciliation and cooperation. The posters display the uniqueness of the Polish-German dialogue, the dense network of contacts – not only cultural and economic, but also people-to-people. Current topics in the relations, which still require more dialogue are not overlooked as well. In Ruse the exhibition will be opened by the Director of the Polish Institute in Sofia Dr. Jarosław Godun and the President of the Canetti Society – Prof. Penka Angelova.



10th October


Canetti House

Lecture by Henrike Schmidt - Virtual Anthologies, a New Kind of Literature

Moderator: Prof. Penka Angelova

Henrike Schmidt (1969) studied Slavic Literatures, History and Economics in Bonn, Köln and St. Petersburg. Her PhD thesis (2000) was dedicated to intermedial conceptions of poetic language in Russian poetry of the 20th century. Schmidt is Associate Professor at the Peter Szondi-Institute for Comparative Literature, at The Freie Universität Berlin. As part of an academic network she explored the emerging digital and net culture in Russia. Schmidt’s further research interests include contemporary Russian poetry and Bulgarian literature. In her lecture at the Festival she will presenther most recent scientific project - research on the importance of anthologies for the modern literary life in Bulgaria.

Schmidt will also present the students’ project "Mansard People". The well-received poetry volume "Nie spored mansardata/Mansard People" was published in 2014 in Bulgarian and subsequently also translated into German. The poet Ivan Landzhev (1986) is one of the promising young names in Bulgarian literature. A collaboration with students from the Hamburg Academy of Design made them drawing sketches and graphics connected with the poems. Henrike Schmidt will bring the graphics and explain about the project.



Canetti House

Emil Basat and the Art of Translation

Мoderation: Prof. Penka Angelova

Emil Basat is a journalist and author in many non-fiction books on art and literature. He is fascinated by the art of translation and in the last twenty years has been exploring the subject as well as the people involved in it. Fluent in as many as six languages himself, he is fascinated by the art of translation and, by the time of more than 20 years now, concerning himself with aspects of the translation process as well as with people doing it for a living. He will present the book “Bulgaria-Hungarian Bivocal” dedicated to Bulgarian translators living in Hungary and vice versa. He will talk about his encounters and friendships to the respective people during his lecture, and thus will unveil his discoveries about the Bulgarian-Hungarian cultural relations. He will read some parts of his interviews with the men and women that develop the bilateral cultural relations. He will also present some of the most interesting books that have been translated from Hungarian to Bulgarian.



11th  October


Ruse Art Gallery


"DADA 100 - Tristan Tzara and His World"- Exhibition on Cubism and Dadaism

Introduction: Alexander Wollmann 

The International Elias Canetti Societytogether with theMunicipal Enterprise “Ruse Art” will offer the rare opportunity to the visitors of the festival to have a glance at some rarely shown graphical works by Henry Matisse, André Masson and Hans Arp. Dadaism, an art form invented in the early 20th centuryin Zurich, revolutionized the then dominating concept of art and rapidly gained international influence. All of the artists in the exhibition played a key role in the dadaistic movement contributing their individual techniques of impressionism and expressionism respectively.They are all united by their friendship to the Romanian-French poet Tristan Tzara. The exhibition "DADA 100 - Tristan Tzara and His World" will show selected graphic works from the three painters in combination with poems by Tristan Tzara.

The works of art are from the private collection of Mr. Thomas Emmerling, whom we would like to extend our special thanks for the organization of their exposition in Ruse. You can visit it until the end of November.


12th  October


Canetti House

Screening of the theatre play Cinderellas Ltd.

In the presence of the director and one of the authors Gergana Dimitrova together with the visual artist Petko Tanchev

Bulgarian-German Theatre Co-Production

Moderator: Svetlana Kirova


Cinderella is the personification of a dream come true. Every little girl passes through that dream. It is the promise that what awaits us as soon as we overcome some obstacles and difficulties is precisely the man, the Prince, and that we can freely head on the road to a happy, carefree life. What are the consequences of that promise and what does it leave behind when faced with real life? Cinderellas Ltd. traces out the interlacing of the stories of three women on the verge of middle age. Although they come from different countries (Italy, USA, Bulgaria) and speak different languages, their questions and cravings, their expectations and difficulties correspond surprisingly well to one another. In Ruse we are looking forward to a discussion with the director and founder of 36 Mokeys Gergana Dimitrova. After that the lights get switched off for a unique artistic screening of the play. 36 Monkeys is an organization for contemporary alternative art and culture carries out not-for-profit activity to the benefit of the general public.


13th October


Canetti House

Literary reading with Levente Király - „Song of Songs”

Moderator: Prof. Penka Angelova

Levente Király is born in 1976 in Szeged. He has obtained degrees in Hungarian philology and Communications at the University “Loránd Eötvös”, Budapest. Resides in the Hungarian capital, where he is an editor in the Corvina Publishing House. Király has published books with poetry, has written a short story compilation and a novel. His works have been included in various anthologies. He has written three plays – one of which is „The Wild Swans” – based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Király received the „Atilla Gerecz” Prize in 2000. The announce to his novel „Song of Songs” directs towards the mystical ancient concepts, which are present in the book: „The author doesn’t reproduce the genre of analytical psychology, but resurrects the archaic tradition of legends. The meeting between the world and the man takes place by way of the eternal Spirit. The competent answer to the question of man’s meaning of existence is found in the rise to the transcendence of Love. In order to achieve it, the author uses an archaic specific language that reminds of the poetry of West-European romanticism from the beginning of XVIII c. and the beginning of the XIX c. Even the scenes that appear to be look more casual – such as hairdressing, having a supper, the sexual act – are part of a ceremony of inception and cleansing through which the chosen and blessed person may turn out to enter the almost atemporal condition of enlightenment.”



Canetti House

Literary reading with SavaVasilevFrom theWayward Lukatillthe rock musical

Moderator: Marian Savov

The writer, literary historian and professor at the University of Veliko Tarnovo Sava Vasilev will present his latest edition of his short novel “The Wayward Luka”, which was published as a separate volume at the beginning of 2016 in Croatia (Nepokorni Luka, 2016, Rijeka). The short novel is part of a book with the same title that unites stories and plays and came out in Bulgaria a few years ago. The writer will tell interesting facts, related to the idea about the novel’s writing and its realization. He will also read excerpts from his literary works, among which the libretto for a musical that he is currently engaged with. Sava Vasilev is the author of 14 books, three of which are belletristic. He has written the first and only monographs about Vladimir Vasilev – the important literary critic and editor-in-chief of the “Zlatorog” Magazine, and about the writer Gencho Stoev. Sava Vasilev is the chairman of the National Society for literature, science and arts “Formula 6”. He is also the editor-in-chief of the “Sveta Gora” Almanac and of the “Literary bulletin” Newspaper.



Canetti House

Literary reading with Bozhidar Bogdanov – “Pterodactyls”

Moderator: Sava Vasilev

Bozhidar Boganov is born on 30 January 1963 in the village of Dekov, the region of Pleven. He has graduated from the University of Veliko Tarnovo with a degree in Bulgarian Philology. He has published articles mostly in “Literary newspaper”, “Literary Forum”, The Flame Magazine, The Chronicles (Letopisi) Magazine, the almanac “Sveta Gora” and others. He has published 13 poetry books, among which: “Bulgarian people body”, “Smoke over the library”, “Hexametres”, “Interiors”, “Demiurgical exercises”, “Metaphysics of movements” and “Pteurodactyls”. He has been nominated for the Ivan Nikolov Award in 2007 and the Nickolay Kanchev Award in 2015. In 2010 is awarded “Golden Danubean Feather” by the Svishtov Municipality and the Union of the Bulgarian Writers. His texts have been translated into Russian, Hungarian and Croatian language. He is a member of the Union of the Bulgarian Writers.



14th  October


Canetti House

Reading with Daniel Goetsch - A Heart of Sand

Moderator: Prof. Penka Angelova

Starting to write at an early age Daniel Goetsch decided at the age of 27 - after receiving a master`s degree in Law - to make writing his profession. While being a gifted and commonly praised creator of stage plays, he has more recently also been acclaimed for his stunning novels, mixing a light weight and swift style of storytelling with a precise and uncompromising account of the Western European life style, its moral burdens, its fragility and contingency. In Ruse he will present together with its Bulgarian translator Vladimira Valkova his book “Heart of Sand” and a short passage of his most recent novel “A Nobody”. According to Neue Luzerner Zeitung in the first book “Goetsch suceeds in combining a topical political theme (refugees) with the individual story of his protagonist (UN observer) – grippingly and with intelligence.”


15th October


Canetti House

Reading with Carolina Schutti - Owls fly silently

Moderator: Prof. Penka Angelova

Carolina Schutti (1976) is an Austrian writer of novels and radio plays, known for her detailed, analytical style of writing. She studied German philology, English and American Studies and obtained her PhD on the work of the Ruse-born Nobel Prize-winning writer Elias Canetti. Already during her studies engaged in the literary society of Innsbruck - her home town, she later also served as its president for four years. Her two books earned her national as well as international reputation and awards. Most recently she received the European Union Prize for Literature in 2015 for her book „Once I must have trodden soft grass“. Schutti is currently working as a freelance writer. We are looking forward to a presentation of two of her recent prose texts followed by a discussion with the audience.



Canetti House

Lecture with Eleni Kurmandzi -“Josef Eliya: A Jewish poet and intellectual”

Moderator: Prof. Penka Angelova

Eleni Kurmandzi is professor at the Department of Medieval and Modern Greek Philology in the School of Philosophy, University of Ioannina where she has established the teaching of Josef Eliya’s poetry. She wrote her dissertation about “The spiritual movement in Ioannina from the end of the 18th century until the first decades of the 19th century”. Her research on the History and the Culture of the Israeli Community of Ioannina started in 1992, on the occasion of the organization of the Scientific Conference for the writer Dimitris Chatzis “The end of our small city”.  Prof. Kurmandzi has published widely and is an author of several books. Her lecture at the Festival in Ruse will share her expertise about the Jewish poet and intellectual Josef Eliya.



16th October


Canetti House

Penka Angelova - The Hidden Thoughts of Elias Canetti

Moderator: Prof. Ana Dimova

The most intimate and vigilant thoughts of a writer are often kept track of in so-called "notes" and disclosed to the public until the artist has passed away. This is also the case with Nobel Prize laureat Elias Canetti, who was born and raised in Ruse. With her translation of the second volume of Canettis "Notes", Penka Angelova, President of Canetti Society, provides the Bulgarian reader with an insight in the way the writer worked and thought. After reading selected passages of the "Notes" Penka Angelova will be available for discussion with the audience.


Canetti House

Screening of the documentary movie Balkan Melodie and a discussion with the director Stefan Schwietert

Moderator: Prof. Penka Angelova

The film-maker Stefan Schwietert has been acclaimed for using a unique technique of intense description for his remarkable documentary movies and film portraits. Particularly his music films "Accordion Tribe" and "El Accordeon del Diablo” are characterized by a gentle and patient encounter of the protagonists, followed by a close up on their way of living and making music. His most recent documentary "Balkan Melodie" tells the story of Marcel Cellier who traveled to Eastern Europe, where he collected and documented sounds that were up until then unknown in the west. In his journey he discovered the two world music phenomena Georghe Zamfir and Ensemble Trakia. Stefan Schwietert will be present at the screening and available for a discussion with the audience

The event is sponsored by the Border Crossers program of the Robert Bosch Foundation.



Canetti House

Presentation of the book ZajeźdZiMy Kobyłę historii by Karol Modzelewski

Moderator: Iva Shishkova, PhD

Karol Modzelewski is a Polish historian, writer and politician. He opposed the Polish United Workers Party in 1964, for which he was imprisoned. He took part in the Polish 1968 political crisis, and for his activities he was again sent to prison for three and a half years. During the 1980 strikes he came up with the name of 'Solidarity'. He was one of the Solidarity press contacts, and a member of the Solidarity region in Silesia. From 1989 to 1991 he was a member of the Polish Senat (Solidarity Citizens' Committee). He is the laureate of the most prestigious literature award in Poland – Nike 2014 for his autobiographical book, which will be presented at the Festival by its translator in Bulgarian – prof. Margreta Grigorova. 


Canetti House

Reading with

Moderator: Prof. Penka Angelova

Petr Stančík born 9 June 1968 in Rychnov nad Kněžnou is a Czech author, poet, novelist, essayist, dramatist and copywriter. The first publicly published text of the author was the essay Smrt živá, which appeared in 1990 in the magazine Iniciály. Up until the end of 2006 he usually published under the pseudonym Odillo Stradický ze Strdic. Winner of the Magnesia Litera (2015) for his book Mlýn na mumie (Mummy Mill). This is a work of his where again he uses a historical theme. This time the hero is Stančík’s Superintendent Durman, a cross between Casanova and Nick Carter, who is investigating the crime spree of the first serial killer in the history of the Czech lands. “Although his latest book goes right back to the year 1866, it is a similarly colourful mix of historical characters, events, metaphors and references. It isn’t all that important who the murderer is. Stančík has written a superb novel. At the same time, his imagination is grounded by an encyclopaedic knowledge of history. The book thus has a dual potential: to find itself among the works nominated for literary prizes, and to become a bestseller.” (Klára Kubíčková in MFDnes)


8:30 pm | Canetti House

Nettles fairytales - Vocal performance by Vaiana O‘ Tasheva (GO‘TOUCH‘T, The elephant of the princess)

The speech is built of words, the music gives them wings. The young artist will close the festival with her One man show, experimenting live with words and voice, using only a microphone and vocal effects.



In co-operation with KulturKontakt Austria, the Austrian Chancellery makes available residencies in Vienna and Salzburg for the year 2017.

Please find attached the call for application for the residencies in English and in German.

EN  DE  Form


Прожекция на първата в света военна драма non-fiction „Варшавското въстание"

87 мин., с български надписи

16 юни 2015, 18.00 ч.

Доходно здание, Австрийска библиотека, Русе

Организатори: Международно дружество „Елиас Канети“, Полски институт в София

6 часа оригинални хроники от Варшавското въстание,

1440 часа колоризация, 112.000 избрани кадри,

648.000 минути реконструкция, 22.971.520 мегабайта данни

Каним на прожекцията на първата в света военна драма non-fiction, съставена изцяло от автентични филмови хроники, заснети през август 1944 във Варшава.

Филмът разказва за въстанието чрез историята на двама млади репортери, свидетели на сраженията. Благодарение на модерната технология за оцветяване и реконструиране на аудиовизуални материали, както и на сътрудничеството с изтъкнати творци, авторите осъществяват един уникален проект без аналог в света. 90 минути възстановен, оцветен и вълнуващ филм, който ни представя Варшавското въстание с невиждан досега реализъм.


25 Process - Space Art Festival

In 2016 Process – Space Art Festival will take place in Russe from 28th of May till 14th of June.

For more information read here



2-21 август, 2016, Благоевград и Варна

За поредна година се предоставя възможност на 15 студенти от български университети и на 15 студенти от австрийски университети да подобрят и задълбочат знанията си съответно по немски и български език. В обучението се прилагат интерактивни методи от квалифицирани преподаватели, чийто майчин език е немски или български. Участниците имат възможност да използват и метода „Тандем” – изучаване на чужд език чрез комуникация помежду си в неформална среда. Провеждат се няколко екскурзии до София, Пловдив и Велико Търново, както и до различни културни забележителности като Рилски манастир, етнографски комплекс „Етъра” и др. Предвидено е и достатъчно свободно време.

Всички разходи на участниците по обучението и престоя (нощувки, закуски и обеди, без вечери), екскурзии и входни билети за различни културни мероприятия се поемат от организаторите, с финансовата подкрепа на Австрийско Федерално Министерство за Наука, Изследвания и Икономика.

Условия за кандидатстване:

Могат да кандидатстват всички студенти и докторанти в български университети, които са изучавали немски език поне 100 учебни часа, с изключение на тези от филологическите специалности с немски език.

Необходими документи:

• Кратко CV по стандарт, със снимка и информация за обратна връзка (e-mail; тел.) – на български език.

• Мотивационно писмо за участие в 21. Австрийско-Български летен колеж – на български език.

• Уверение, че сте студент или докторант – на български език.

• Копия от легитимни документи, доказващи, че сте изучавали немски език поне 100 учебни часа (академична справка, копие на диплома за средно образование, сертификати от езикови курсове и др.), удостоверяващи нивото на владеене на езика.

Кандидатурите си може да изпращате до 15 юни на e-mail:

Лице за контакт за България: маг. Мирослава Краева

Facebook: Österreichisch-Bulgarisches Sommerkolleg


8-week-voluntary-service with Bauorden!

The International Bauorden (IBO) organizes building camps in Germany: an international group of young volunteers supports a social institution with building and renovation works. A camp lasts two to three weeks, the volunteers work under professional guidance for eight hours a day.

Bauorden offers the opportunity to participate for eight weeks in different work camps and, this way, to get to know different faces of Germany. The participants will gain insights into social projects, they will get to know different regions of Germany and will work, live and learn in varying international groups.

During the camp, accommodation and food will be free. Volunteers will pay for free time activities (e.g. during free weekends) themselves. During the other weekends they will travel together with other volunteers to the next building camp, whereby the IBO will pay for these travel expenses.


vom 26. Juni bis 20. August 2016,

vom 21. Juli bis 17. September 2016 oder

vom 21. August bis 8. Oktober 2016.

Download HERE more information and important contacts!



5-day-training within the Erasmus+ Project "Language Against Dropout" (LAD): Bulgarian as a second language for children in the preschool and the first grade

Between the 13th and the 17th of April 2016, a 5-day-training within the Erasmus+ Project "Language Against Dropout" (LAD) was held in Ruse (Bulgaria). Representatives from the University of Heidelberg (Germany), the College "Konstantin Bratescu" (Romania), the CIDT "Amalipe" (Veliko Turnovo), the School "Angel Kunchev" (Ruse), the School "Aleko Konstantinov" (Ruse), the Kindergarten "Red Riding Hood" (Ruse), the University of Veliko Turnovo "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" and the International Elias Canetti Society (Ruse) took part in the training. The meeting was organized by the International Elias Canetti Society in Ruse.

During the first day of the training, Prof. Stoyan Burov from the University of Veliko Turnovo held a lec-ture, which focused on the following topics: "Communicative Grammar in the Bulgarian language for bilingual children" and "Methodological aspects of teaching grammar to bilingual children". Vehbie Balieva from the University of Veliko Turnovo presented a learning situation for 5-year old bilingual children entitled "Senses".

The second day of the training started with a presentation by assistant Rusin Kotzev from the University of Veliko Turnovo, who talked about linguistic problems of children and students in the use of Bulgarian language, resulting from the interference with the Romani language. During the remaining part of the day Vehbie Balieva presented theoretical and practical aspects of bilingualism of the Turkish speaking students in pre- and primary schools. She also shared her experience from her work on the following two projects: "Bilingualism as an advantage" and "Innovative educational approaches in terms of bilingualism and multicultural environment in the municipality of Polski Trumbesh".

The next day of the training continued with the presentation of Dr. Iosif Nunev, a state expert in the department "Formation, analysis and evaluation of policies" of the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria, in which he presented a "Strategy for educational integration of children and students from ethnic minorities" (2015 - 2020) and its implementation plan. In the afternoon session the representatives of the College "Konstantin Bratescu" (Romania) conducted a training on the following topics: "Basic principles of effective communication", "Andragogy - Adult learning" and "Team building and management of human resources". They shared their experiences and successful strategies in the organization of education of Roma children in Romania. The day ended with a presentation by the representatives of CIDT "Amalipe" for the educational attitudes of the various Roma groups in Bulgaria, and in particular the minority group "Millet".

The last two days of the training continued with presentations by the representatives of CIDT "Amalipe" who presented successful examples and practices for activation and involvement of Roma children, young people and parents in the educational process in Bulgaria. In turn, the representatives of the University of Heidelberg held three lectures based on their long experience in teaching German as a second language for children in preschool and primary school: "Multilingualism: the teacher as a linguistic role model", "Children's books and their use in teaching bilingual children" and "Teaching vocabulary".

With a brief summary of the results of the seminar and agreeing on the next steps of the LAD project, the 5-day-training officially ended. The results of this training will be included in a textbook for children with different mother tongue than Bulgarian and in a guide for school mediators, which will contribute to the successful integration of the children from the minorities into the Bulgarian society.





The International Elias Canetti Society (IECS) organizes German language courses

for beginner and advanced levels from A1 to B2, led by a teacher from Germany.


The IECS offers German language courses which will be conducted by experienced teachers from Ruse and Germany. The courses are aimed at participants of all levels of age and knowledge of German language. The courses encompass four levels of knowledge, each of which is 120 hours, for the price of 3,75 leva for one academic hour. Divided into small groups, the students have the opportunity not only to deepen their grammatical knowledge, but to improve their skills to speak German, to enrich their vocabulary and to learn to express themselves more freely in German with the help of a teacher from Germany. Small groups help creating a nice atmosphere for learning German and conducting a more informal communication. Upon a successfully passed exam the students will receive a certificate for the achieved level of knowledge in German language. With this, we continue to offer our students a successful training program in German, which was presented for the first time in the summer of 2013.

Our summer language courses are aimed at children and young people and are therefore held during the school free months. The courses are intensive and cover 15 days per 4 academic hours per day, a total of 60 academic hours. Based on interactive learning methods and techniques used in the educational system in Germany, the German classes will be held in small groups and will be tailored to the knowledge of each student. Part of the program provides organized tours in the city of Ruse and discussions in German language as well as intensive trainings through role plays, readings, music, movies, songs and more.

To get more information, please contact MarusyaTsvetanova: 0889/869 301; 0877/924 109 or 082/828 699 or visit our website



Third international partner meeting of the Erasmus+ project ”Language Against Dropout"

Between the 11th and 13th of March 2016, the third international partner meeting of the Erasmus+ project ”Language Against Dropout” took place in Constanta (Romania). The following partner organisations took part in the meeting: Primary School „Aleko Konstantinov“ (Ruse, Bulgaria), Primary School „Angel Kunchev“ (Ruse, Bulgaria), Kindergarten „Chervenata Shapchica“ (Ruse, Bulgaria), International Elias Canetti Society (Ruse, Bulgaria), CMDT Amalipe (Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria), St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo (Bulgaria) und Colegiul Naţional Pedagogic „Constantin Brătescu” (Constanta, Romania). The meeting was organised by the partner organisation Colegiul Naţional Pedagogic „Constantin Brătescu”.

On the first day of the partner meeting, the participants met with representatives of different educational institutions from Romania. The work of five schools and one kindergarten from the Southeast was introduced. The talks focused on the work of Roma mediators in Romania - their role and importance for the Roma population in Romania and the Romanian civil society as a whole. Numerous "best practice" examples from the work of Roma mediators have been shown and discussed.

On the following two days topics were discussed such as the integration of Roma mediators in schools, the role of local government and the need for supporting the work of mediators at a national level. In addition, different models of cooperation between schools and Roma communities were discussed. Also different forms of organizing this cooperation were presented and strategies for conflict resolution and intervention were proposed. Numerous training materials of the training of mediators in Romania were presented.

The meeting ended by expressing the pressing need for various institutionalized forms of education of Roma mediators in Bulgaria, as well as for creating the necessary framework for their sustainable integration in schools and kindergartens in Bulgaria.



On the 3rd of March 2016, at the 14th Norbert Schmelzer Europe lecture in The Hague, volume 10 of the series of the Elias Canetti Society "Identities" (Röhrig Iniversitätsverlag) was handed over to the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the former Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende also attended the lecture.

Oberhausen on Tour 2016


7 March 2016, 17:30

Hall "Europe", Dohodno Zdanie, Ruse

The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen takes place in the Ruhr region of Germany for already 60 years and is among the most important short film institutions in the world. For the tenth time, the Festival is sending films from its festival program on a world tour, including to Ruse. The International Elias Canetti Society, supported by Goethe-institute Bulgaria, OP Ruse Art, und the City of Ruse, will show two short film selections.


International Competition 2015

These five videos from the International Competition 2015 look at family relationships from unusual perspectives while for the most part elegantly refusing any clear genre classification. In Payal apadia’s film, for example, dreams and reality are so closely intertwined that an Indian woman’s relationship with her husband stays alive even after his death. Nina Yuen portrays her rational-minded father and asks: What gives our lives structure? In Joseph Dabernig’s film, two boys fantasise about the Cold War while their parents simulate a rocket launch on their laptops. And in “32 + 4”, the Principal Prize winner at this year’s festival, a student grippingly reconstructs the breakdown of her family. The film invents a discursive image practice in order to uncover repressed experiences. The intellectual breadth and depth of current international short film production is just waiting to be discovered in this programme.

The Last Mango Before the Monsoon (dir. Payal Kapadia, India, 2014, colour, diverse languages with English subs, 19 min.)

Raymond (dir. Nina Yuen, USA, 2014, colour, English, 11min. 30 sec.)

Nuvem Negra (dir. Basil da Cunha, Switzerland, 2014, colour, Portuguese with English subs, 18 min. 30 sec.)

Zlaté Piesky Rocket Launch (dir. Josef Dabernig, Austria, 2015, b/w, no dialogue, 10 min.)

32 + 4 (dir. Chan Hau Chun, China, 2014, colour, Kantonese with Mandarin and English subs, 32 min.)

Running time: 92 min.


Artist Film 2015

This year’s Artist Film programme assembles some of the most intriguing filmmakers

currently working on the borderline between the film world and the art market. While Katie Davies presents a 500-year-old border ritual in England’s northernmost town, Sun Xun reflects on the last Year of the Dragon, 2012, in vivid animated images with references to Huxley and Magritte. Wojciech Bąkowski, winner of the Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen, questions the relationship between language and image. In “Blue and Red”, Guangzhou and Bangkok merge into a fictional city depicted in fascinating night-time images that tell of the people’s resistance against the regime. And Bjørn Melhus dramatises Ayn Rand’s menacing rhetoric of unrestrained capitalism in over-the-top science fiction scenes with dance interludes. The films in this programme provide a compelling overview of the current state of media art.


What Happened in Past Dragon Year (dir. Sun Xun, China, 2014, colour + b/w, Chinese + English, 9 min. 30 sec.)

Blue and Red (dir. Zhou Tao, Spain/Thailand, 2014, colour, no dialogue, 25 min.)

Sound of My Soul (dir. Wojciech Bąkowski, Poland, 2014, colour, Polish + English, 13 min.)

Just My Own (dir. Alena Tereshko, Russia, 2014, colour, no dialogue, 6 min.)

Freedom and Independence (dir. Bjørn Melhus, Germany, 2014, colour, English, 15 min.)

The Lawes of the Marches (dir. Katie Davies, Great Britain, 2014, colour, English, 16 min. 30 sec.)

Running time: 86 min.


All films will be shown in the original language with English subtitles.


With the support of:



Two internships at the IECS are open now!

To support our team we are looking for two interns from April, 1st 2016 for a period of six months. The persons will assist the planning and implementation of cultural and educational projects (research, correspondence and accounting, communication with artists and partners, support role). In addition, the persons will be responsible for the maintenance of the IECS homepage and the public relations (writing of PR-texts and articles for the homepage, translation, preparation of documentation and other administrative tasks).

For more detailed information about the internships, please see here:




Corresponding Member of the Academic Council of the European Danube Academy (EDA)

On the 5th of November 2015 the president of the International Elias Canetti Society - Prof. Dr. sc. Penka Angelova has been appointed as a corresponding member of the Academic Council of the European Danube Academy.

German Language Course

For a third consecutive year the International Elias Canetti Society organizes each autumn German language courses with a German tutor.
Everyone who wants to learn German, to refresh their knowledge or prepare for language certificate exam can join the appropriate group for levels - A1, A2, B1 or B2

A level course includes a total of 120 hours, price for hour - BGN 3,75.
The courses are held in the Austrian library (Dohodno Zdanie) from 6 p.m. in small groups up to 10 participants.

For contacts:
0889/869 301
0877/924 109

Second LAD partner meeting

Between the 12th and the 13th December 2015 the second LAD partner was held at the University of Heidelberg, at the Institute for German as a Foreign Language (IGF). The following partner organizations participated in the meeting: the University of Heidelberg, Germany (organizer of the partner meeting), the International Elias Canetti Society, Ruse (Bulgaria), the University of Veliko Turnovo (Bulgaria) and the Colegiul Naţional Pedagogic "Constantin Brătescu", Constanta (Romania). More...

Language Аgainst Dropout (LAD): Bulgarian as Second Language Training for Children in Preschool and First Grade

The International Elias Canetti Society - Ruse became beneficiary of the scheme for free financial aid of the EU Erasmus+ program in key activity 2 (KA2) № 2015-1-BG01-KA201-014306 Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices - Strategic partnerships in the field of school education. The main objective of the LAD project is to create a scientifically sound concept for teaching Bulgarian as a second language for preschool and first grade pupils. The concept will allow children with different mother tongue (other than Bulgarian) obtain an optimal language training in Bulgarian language for a successful start at school. This will prevent dropouts from the school system at the earliest possible stage. The LAD-project will contribute to the educational goals of the Europe 2020 strategy, according to which the number of school dropouts must fall below 10% by 2020. This will counteract the growing illiteracy in Bulgaria, which is largely due to early dropping out of the education system. More...

Continue writing Canetti’s Earwitness

The main purpose of our project Continue Writing Canetti’s Earwitness is to promote Elias Canetti’s work. We would also like to motivate school and university students and creative people of all ages to have a go at literary writing! More...

„Anything I subsequently experienced had already happened in Ruschuk.“ – Elias Canetti

Project in Support of the Development of Cultural Tourism in Ruse

The documentary Ear Witness, created by the International Elias Canetti Society, is a unique walk through Elias Canetti’s childhood in Ruse combined with selected excerpts (in Bulgarian and German) from his autobiographical books The Tongue Set Free, The Torch in My Ear and The Play of the Eyes. The video work is realized with the financial support of Ruse Municipality through the program for financing projects in the field of art and culture. The film includes places which are part of the writer’s childhood – the Commercial House, the Dohodno Zdanie, the house of Belina and Joseph Arditti, prints and postcards of the city from the 19th and early 20th century. The soundtrack includes authentic records of Canetti’s voice and some of his family’s favorite pieces of music. The audience will hear excerpts from the book The Tongue Set Free and will have the chance to immerse in the unique atmosphere of Ruse from the time of Canetti’s childhood. More...

German Language Courses


The new course catalogue is ready! Starting from October 2013, the International Elias Canetti Society offers again German language courses which will be conducted by experienced teachers from Ruse and a German native speaker. The courses are intended for participants of all levels of age and knowledge and comprise long-term intensive courses as well as conversation lessons for advanced speakers. By this, we continue the successful course program which has been taken up in the summer holidays. More...